// 2-14. final process mov


process mov for BLISS

Thank you, Dave :)


// 2-13. recontextualisation + layers


From the last work, I modified the code and made varying values. All values are from Syntheyes.

screen captures from Excel / Maya

anaglyph + obj + position value

screen capture in Maya

But it takes long time for waiting, and I don't need an animation for cup texture, so I stopped this work.

These are the top view of numbers of position values. I think this graphic is interesting.

top view of numbers


Next, I made an anaglyph pattern again. These figures are from my previous work.

source image / screen capture in Maya

And there are 2 structures in this image. One is the structure of object layers, and the other is the structure among object, shade and pattern.

1 ___

object 1 + object 2 + object 3

2 ___

object + shade + pattern

So I adjusted these pattern into cups, and stacked them.

cup 1 + 2 + 3

cup 1 + 2 + 3 + 4

Also I tried to use moire patterns.

cup 7 + 5 + 6

moire + anaglyph pattern 1

moire + anaglyph pattern 2


// 2-12. number / blur


I used a script for making varying values from Syntheyes. I can be sure it will work, but I can't check it because it makes my computer stopped.

screen captures in Excel / Maya

I think I have to split this script.


And I realized the blured image makes z depth clear.

blur + depth layers

screen capture in Maya

So I will add these images into cups separately. And this can be developed in various ways.